On this page you will learn how to do the basic skills of Flash:

Tweens (definition)

Layering (definition)

Layers are important because without them, objects wouldn't be able to move and your flash animation would just be dull and boring because your animation wouldn't be able to move. Layering is the tool to make objects in your flash move, although you shouldn't have too many layers because it would be too complicated and it would take you a long time if you only had a limited amount of time to finish your flash.

Drawing (definition)

There are a few ways of drawing shapes and here are some of them below:

One of the easiest ways of drawing shapes is to use the square drawing tool or the circle drawing tool. To use these you simple just have to select the tool, and then click somewhere on the animation and drag it to the desired size you want to make your shape like.

Flash Toolbox

external image 03toolbox.gif

External Link

This link demonstrates how to use all the tools in the toolbox.