Rotating shapes using Motion Tween

Rotating a shape means that you able to rotate a shape to any degree's and at any speed.
  1. Draw an shape
# Select mouse button and select the shape
  1. Find Modify at the toolbar on top and click group under it
  2. Click a layer and insert a keyframe
  3. Select the layer
  4. At the bottom change the Tween(Dropbox) to Motion.

How to Rotate shapes using Motion Tween:

1. First of all draw the shape you want to motion tween (i.e. am oval).
2. Click on the selection tool, which looks like a black mouse, and then double click on the shape you want to rotate.
3. Click on modify the go down and click on group or click G.

4. Create a new keyframe on the same layer that your shape is one.
5. Highlight all the frames from the first keyframe to the one you want the rotation to stop at.

6. On the toolbar at the bottom select motion in the tween dropdown and then choose if you want to rotate the shape clockwise or counterclockwise also select the number of times you want the shape to rotate.

7. When you’re done make sure you have a line with an arrow going from the first keyframe to the next keyframe instead of they’re being a dotted line because if you have a dotted.