After i finished my flash, I was very relieved to be done with it. Her is what I have been working on for a veyr long time. It may not be that good, but I'm still proud of my work. So... come on! Watch my flash!

Here is how I did my flash animation:
I used the drawing tools to draw the character, the skateboard and the background.
I colored each object and finally made my flash animation.
I layered each object that was moving and used motion tween, rotate tween.

My final flash animation was not the exact same as my drawing board becasue as I was making the flash complications increased during the creation of my animation. Through out his unit we had worked on creating a great animation through all the things we learned in the beginning.

Some things i did in my falsh was:
Motion tween to move all my suns and clouds around the screen.
Shape tween to transform my sun's glasses and teeth.
Color tween to change the color of my sun.
Rotation tween to rotate my sun around to show his dizziness.
My basic steps were: you need to know all the areas you will add tweens and discuss the differetn characters present then to create all layers needed
after place the keyframes between the areas which need them,
after all that you just have start creating it.

Making the Flash animation was really tough for me. For the motion tween, I made a forest landscape with clouds and leafs gushing through the woods. For the shape tween, I made a skateboarder, my cousin, lift off and hit a pole. Due to the impact from skateboard, the pole snaps in half. Finally, for rotation tween, I made a spinning red dizzying cloud rotating.