Family E-Cards:

Below is my flash which is made for uncle to encourage to stop smoking.

In this animation first I made an introduction letter with stars to my uncle and then on the next key frame I created a cigarette with a cross sign on it and finally in my last key frame I wrote why he shouldn't smoke with a nicely decorated background.
The end result and reaction of me of the process of completing my animation is that I'm really satisfied because I learned all the basics on making a flash animation and before I had never had a clue how to do this. To be honest I am so impressed with my work that I look forward to making more e-cards that hopefully will be more advanced and creative. I also liked the way I managed to have my animation short and sweet. I think my uncle will be proud of my animation and think more reasonably on not smoking or even quit doing it. I'm also impressed on how my e-card was unique because no one in my class had made anything on their e-cards related to my e-card's topic. Overall I enjoyed making this e-card and I'm amazed with the time and effort I put into my e-card.